16x24 Flag Shadow Boxes

Popular 16×24 Flag Shadow Boxes are nice size for a 3×5 or 4×6 flag in any corner as well as a 3×5 flag centered on any edge. It’s capable of holding 2-3×5 flags in an Upper Left/Upper Right configuration as well as Upper Left Lower Right. Two 4×6 Flags will fit Upper Left /Lower Right. We can go on and on!  Perfect for those retiring from the Military, transitioning in Scouts or for Personal Gifts!Need Space? Greg’s 16×24 Flag Shadow Boxes provide enough room for almost any configuration of individual or multiple flags in a single box.  Excellent Hand Crafted Quality from an American Artisan Woodworker. All Boxes are made from Domestic Hardwoods with a Lacquer Finish.  Choose from:Red Oak   Cherry   American Walnut   Hard Maple
We keep most of the basic Fabric colors in stock, but if you need something different or have your own Fabric, just let us know